Thursday, June 22, 2006

Time for thank you's and purrs!

Meow! What a happy day! Lookit me, Female-Human let me join the Beastly Blogs Club. Purrfect, purrfect... thank you Female-Human, thank you Beastly Blogs Club!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Hrrrrrm, I still cannot find my babies anywhere. I've meowed and meowed and purred and purred and I cannot find them. But I have a suspicion. I saw one of them today - but I couldn't reach him! My little Thor was stood inside the shiny box that Female Human keeps her blogs on all the time! I meowed and called for him, but he didn't seem to hear me or move... and I couldn't reach him either, there was something in the way....... I'm sure Female Human knows where they are, but she just wont tell me.... I'll have to start working on Male Human.

Monday, May 29, 2006


Meow. They took my babies away. I can't find them anywhere, I'm very sad. I think maybe they hid them... I'm going to keep looking! I'm not giving up on finding my kittens, ohhhh no.... well, except for when the Human's give me food or cuddles, of course.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kitten Rehoming

Ahh, 'tis a sad day but I have to look to getting the kittens rehomed. We simply can't keep too extra little mouths, our bank balance wont allow it. The simple answer is to take them to our local cat shelter.... but cats are so common and so mistreated on this island that they most likely will just have them put to sleep. Which I really don't want. In searching for another option, I found a rather curious one - my Mother visited Tala village with a friend of hers, and went
for a stroll around the Monestry their. She was really suprised to see the amount of well fed, cheerful looking cats lazing about the gardens. Her friend told her that the local people tend to 'dump' their kittens there, at least if they have any conscience they do, as the monks look
after them all. They certainly all looked well fed and healthy. They have huge gardens to play in, somewhere indoors to snuggle in the winter, lots of other cats to play with, and there is even a small cafe which sells little bags of cat food - almost like a tourist attraction set up by the monks. "Visit a Monk, Feed a cat!". My mother said that the cats were fed enough that they were quite happy to eat what they wanted from the bags, then sit back and watch the birds eat the rest.
People go back and visit their kittens, year after year.

I'll keep searching for options, but that one really doesn't seem so bad....

- Female-Human

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A new look

As Freja is suffering from new-single-mother-syndrome, a common occurance in young female cats, (Or so I am told.) she hasn't been posting much. Therefore I have taken it upon myself to redo her template for her. Hopefully she will get it sorted with the finishing touches as soon as she is in a posting-mood once again. (Probably once the three kittens have stopped gnawing on her nipples.)

Monday, January 09, 2006

One for Claude

Always one to help a fellow feline, I hope you all out there will put out a purr for Claude. I'd send him some of my kitekat to cheer up his poor Human, but for some reason Humans have some really funny ideas about what is considered to be -nice-. So I'll just send a purr... be well, Claude.

A harsh week...

Meow. Here I sit, fur fluffed up and tail twitching as I recall the past week. Ahh, it has been tough - only the hardiest of kitties could have coped. But here I sit, clawing quietly at Female-Human's thighs, in one piece - so I guess I must be a pretty hardy feline after all.
It started off with 'The Incident' with the door - that one, was pretty nasty. But I won't explain that one again in a hurry. Second, was the nasty thing with the nasty bug.
The nasty thing with the nasty bug, started like this. I was quietly poking around the trees outside the apartment where my Human's live, sniffing around my territory as we kitties do. (And also hoping to catch the eye of the Tom cat who lives downstairs - not that I am a vain cat, but I had just spent an hour grooming.) There I was, daydreaming about The Tom as I clawed my way across the tree trunk, when this thing attatched itself to my face. I didn't like it. But it wouldn't move. Being a sensible feline, I just decided to ignore it and go back to looking for The Tom. The trouble really got started a few days later, when Female-Human spotted the nasty bug. She handed me over to Male-Human, who.... (Oh, the horror and loss of dignity...) turned me on my back, trapped me there, and proceeded to try and remove it! Well, I won't even tell you how that made me feel. Put me right off purring. Male-Human didn't even apologise! Hmpf.
The third thing... was the wetting. I had been playing in my kitty litter, and I went to find Female-Human and give her some clawing, just to see if she would reward me with some kitekat, like a good Human. Instead, what does she do? She wrinkles her nose at me, then dissapears for a while. I, of course, went to investigate - and what do I find?? She was preparing the big bowl. The one full of water. Before I knew it, Male-Human had me. And he wetted me. Oh, the humiliation.
If The Tom had seen, I would have had to cower under the table for a week.