Tuesday, January 03, 2006

'The Incident'

Meow. I'd just finished digging around in my kitty-litter tray when I made the decision to share 'the incident' with you. It happened this morning.
I was quietly sitting on the Female-Human, purring and covering her with love and affection. I was giving her a bit of friendly clawing, when suddenly she yelped and propelled me across the room! Really, I have no idea what upset her so much, it was only a bit of gentle, loving, careful clawing.... Anyway. I was propelled across the room at such a pace, that my little kitty-senses didn't have any time to target the incoming door and avoid it. The door attacked me! The shame! And worse...while I was cowering, glaring and hissing in my most ferocious, I'm-a-big-kickass-cat way, and Female-Human started laughing of me!
However, I was treated to lots of cuddles and strokes afterwards. Even the Male-Human let me sit on his lap a bit. But I'll tell you one thing, that door had better watch out...


At 12:26 pm, Anonymous Female-Human said...

Freja, you little......

I just wish to point out that I was not laughing at her. Merely sniggering quietly and saying 'awww, the door attacked her'.

- Female-Human


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