Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kitten Rehoming

Ahh, 'tis a sad day but I have to look to getting the kittens rehomed. We simply can't keep too extra little mouths, our bank balance wont allow it. The simple answer is to take them to our local cat shelter.... but cats are so common and so mistreated on this island that they most likely will just have them put to sleep. Which I really don't want. In searching for another option, I found a rather curious one - my Mother visited Tala village with a friend of hers, and went
for a stroll around the Monestry their. She was really suprised to see the amount of well fed, cheerful looking cats lazing about the gardens. Her friend told her that the local people tend to 'dump' their kittens there, at least if they have any conscience they do, as the monks look
after them all. They certainly all looked well fed and healthy. They have huge gardens to play in, somewhere indoors to snuggle in the winter, lots of other cats to play with, and there is even a small cafe which sells little bags of cat food - almost like a tourist attraction set up by the monks. "Visit a Monk, Feed a cat!". My mother said that the cats were fed enough that they were quite happy to eat what they wanted from the bags, then sit back and watch the birds eat the rest.
People go back and visit their kittens, year after year.

I'll keep searching for options, but that one really doesn't seem so bad....

- Female-Human


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